A Perfect Guide to Creating a Facebook New Account


There are three detailed guides for facebook here.

1. Create Facebook NEW Account

2. Temporarily Disable Facebook

3. Permanently Delete Facebook

Hope these guides help you to start, suspend or end your social life.

Deactivate Facebook Account

What is Deactivating your Facebook Account?

When a user Deactivate their Facebook Account, your timeline and related information disappears from Facebook. Other Users will not be able to search, find or contact you while your account is disabled.

This is only a suspension. You will be able to return to facebook anytime you desire and reactive your account.

People have different reasons to suspending their accounts, such as,

1. Studying
2. Focus on Work
3. Spending too much time on Facebook
4. Stalking

This list goes on...

To Deactivate your Facebook Account:

1. Go to the Settings Tab in Facebook and Click Account Settings

2. You will be taken to the Account Setting page. Click Security.

 3. Click the Deactivate Your Account.

4. Confirm by typing in your Password!

5. When everything is complete. You will be logged out off facebook and shown a confirmation screen. But, remember, You can always reopen your account anytime you want.

Create a Facebook New Account

1. If you have an existing Facebook account, you will need to delete the account before proceeding to open a new account.  
Click here to find out more.

2. Head to Facebook.com (Log Out if you are already logged in)

You will be prompted with a sign up form:

It is important to fill out this form accurately. You will need to verify your email address in a few steps in.

Click Sign Up.

3. Find Your Friends.

You will have the option to find friends via a number of different options. 

You will be able to find friends via email.

Alternatively, You can skip this step.

4. Profile Information

The Next step is to fill out some basic profile information.

Secondary School, University, Employer, Current City and Hometown.

Alternatively, You can skip this step.

5. Profile Picture

You have the option to upload or take a photo for your profile picture.  

You will be presented with a number of options to help scale and size your photo to your liking.

Alternatively, You can also skip this step.

6. Everything is ready!

Make sure you verify email address.

Time time to learn about Facebook and the number of features that Facebook has.

Add some friends, look at your friends profiles, send some messages and set your privacy settings!